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The Monthly Point Score News.

Keep up to date with the latest news from our recent Point Score by Alice Mood.


On Sunday the 6th of November the Dalmeny Boardriders finished the season for 2023. We gathered at Kianga Main beach for the last pointscore, second hand wetsuit and surfboard sale and our second “Come and Try” event. Against all odds, there were surf-able 2-foot shifty peaks and light South-West winds for most of the day.

The Under 18 Boys were up first, the weary eyed young lads were trying hard to hide the evidence of late Saturday going -ons as they scrambled for the salt water. Hamish White tore into a wave with cutbacks, re-entries and then climbed the falling lip for a finishing floater, scoring 7 points. Matt Driscoll ended the first heat with a smoker - a right hander offering opportunity for three powerful cutbacks and finishing strong on the closeout end section. This polished performance scored Driscoll an excellent 8 points. Jet Lange, the man of the minute, was also on fire. Lange executed an impressive array of cutbacks followed by a layback drop-wallet to collect a heat total of 14 points. In the final Lange continued on his impressive streak, but it was Driscoll who claimed first place.

The opportunities for big scores were few and far between in the Over 45 Men. Andrew Johnson got stuck behind the foam and Steven Beach tumbled over the handlebars on his takeoff. In the second heat it took 7 minutes for the first wave to be caught. Luke Waters managed three to the beach to score 6.10 points and win his heat. In the final, Johnson provided the entertainment with a straight legged pop up with a bend over and touch-your-toes-while-rocking-rail-to-rail swirly wipeout - flexibility unseen before from the master. Possibly Johnson’s lowest ever recorded score at 0.5, he later disclosed his leg rope was wrapped neatly around his legs. This impressive Wipeout of the Day scored Johnson a free pair of socks. Justin Black collected some solid points by leaning hard on his rail during his cutbacks but it was not enough to keep Johnson from winning.

The predicted onshore winds and rain hit like a freight train as the Micro Groms (Under 8s) and Assisted Groms (Under 13s) entered the water. Chaos ensued in the judging tent as desperate attempts were made to protect electronics, keep workers dry but allow the show to go on. Lucas Heinemann and Ayla Hoar were fearlessly committed to the set waves, but it was Abigail Black who was outstanding. Black, 12 years, was storming all the way into shore, oozing style and flare, utilising the whole wave face as she trimmed from top to bottom and even managed a complete forehand cutback. Abigail’s younger brother Flinder, 9 years, had no intentions to be left out as he surfed his way to a tie-break win with his sister in the final.

Luckily the wet windy front didn’t persist and conditions cleaned up for the Under 14 boys. Joey Banks showcased a very relaxed style and Tristan Heinemann hit the lip with such ferocity he almost ended up airborne. Sam Harris split peaks with Oscar Jackson. Harris took off on a big set wave aggressively attacking the lip hoping for a big score, but unfortunately he was crunched and swallowed by the descending foam. Jackson climbed some whitewater and whipped out multiple backside re-entries to take out his heat and then the final.

Halfway through the day the competition paused for our ‘Come and Try’ day. A mock heat was held out the back for first time competitors while we held an introduction to surfing session for those wanting to learn. After a brief on the sand by club president and surf coach, Matt Hoar, these first time frothers were boosted onto foamballs. With each wave these legends got to their feet faster and faster. We were lucky enough to have our local surf photographer Peter Coleman capturing these precious moments from the beach - these happy snaps can be found on our Dalmeny Boardriders Facebook page.

The two plank riders Jarra Weston and Simon Brown battled it out for a tie-break win. This was a slow heat with only one wave caught in the first 10 minutes. Weston grabbed the rail to enter some form of crumbly foam pit while Brown nearly ran over Weston’s toes in his cutback.

There were three graceful gentlemen donned in neoprene for the Open Men’s division. Brandon Feledyk attempted a few massive turns, unfortunately falling off face first down the face on more than one occasion. Roundhouse Ramsey took a while to warm up but it wasn’t enough for Matty Hoar who carved out two smooth turns on a set wave to score 6.5 points.

In the Open Women Therese Craner sat off the point waiting for a random freak set wave, while Nina Lange struggled with her positioning on the inside. In between chasing sharks with the drone and handling the second hand surfboard sales in the rain, most committed committee member of the day Belinda Weston lined up a nice 4 point wave. Melissa Hoar had a good session sitting in pole position choosing the longer set waves to shore, grinning from ear to ear she claimed this as one of her best surfs she had had in months. Alice Mood won the heat with a 5 point turn as she committed to the lip on a backside reo.

The Under 18 girls found it hard to complete their turns. Pearl Eaton and Georgia Dawson were presented some opportunities but couldn’t stick the landings. Ruby Davis played the patient card, but it was Marley Eaton who managed to collect winning scores on her last two waves to take out the final.

Kristen Guseli had the kids playing tug of war and walking in flippers for a relay. If you’ve ever tried walking forwards whilst wearing flippers you will appreciate the difficulty this would pose for a 5 year old child on sand. Held throughout the day was a second hand surfboard and wetsuit sale. An quiver of pre-loved vessels lined Kianga main beach carpark as bargain hunters young and old sized up their potential new rides.

Final results:

Under 8s - Mali Brown

Under 13s - Abigail Black tiebreak with Flinder Black

Under 14 boys - Oscar Jackson

Under 18 boys - Matt Driscoll

Over 45 men - Andrew Johnson

Open mens - Matt Hoar

Under 18 girls - Marley Eaton

Open women - Alice Mood

Longboards - Jarra Weston tiebreak with Simon Brown

Wipeout of the Day - Andrew Johnson

Wave of the Day - Jet Lange

That’s a wrap for 2023! Keep an eye out for the 2023 club presentation on Sunday December 3rd, at a beach between Dalmeny and Narooma Bar. See you there!

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